Nicolás Masllorens

I am an illustrator, I travel and draw.  My life is like that of a pro surfer, I make a living from doing what I love to do.  I am the author of my own life and I try to share my experiences through my art.  I believe that it’s worthwhile to put your time and energy into doing what you enjoy so that you’re able live from it.

In my free time

I draw, paint and I make music … when you earn your living by doing what you enjoy, there is no time off.  It is a paradox, however I really like to play football, read, watch movies, eat .. eating is something important and a good instrument of leisure.  When we are busy we can forget to eat well. I love having relaxed meals with friends, sitting together for ages.

The best days

in my life are those days when a lot of unexpected things happen. I like these experiences, living life like a movie on the road.
The worst day in my live ..
My life is very boring, I don’t have a worst day, or at least just can’t seem to remember the specific worst day of my life. I have been lucky enough to not have experienced any great misfortunes or irreversible moments in my life.  I am fortunate and grateful. With time you can always find the silver lining in any situation and the small things that complicated our lives become frivolous.

It makes me really happy

to make others happy with my art. To see my drawings evoke emotions and memories in people. That is what really satisfies me, it is as easy to affect your neighbor as it is difficult to change the world.

My fears are

of everything loosing it’s sense, like in “The Twilight Zone”, that everything changes and can no longer be understood.  Also of violence, the irrational monster that understands no reasons, hiding in the corner of everyone’s smile, it does not matter if it it is the grocer, the taxi driver or your grandfather.