Marcelo Villa

For living

it is necessary to work. I work doing seams especially for barons. From the morning until the night I work to maintain my grandchildren. My children are already professional that’s why work for my grandchildren from 7 a.m. from tomorrow until 10 p.m.

you have to work. I work mostly for making seams barons. From morning to night work to keep my grandchildren. My kids are already professionals why I work for my grandchildren from 7 am to 10 pm. I live out of town and work in the city in a place rented in the center of Sucre. I started working in the tailoring of my seven years. What I learned from my father. From there I’m working. Most single time. There was a time when trababa together with my daughters but are already professionals.

My goal in my life is

continue working. Going forward.

My best days

were when my children have gone professionals. I have 7 children, 7 are all professionals. They gave me the title when they have left. That is my greatest satisfaction.

My worst day

has been the death of one of my children. Has died at age 28. He was working and has had an aspiration. That was my worst day.

I’m not afraid

death. If I die, I die I’m not afraid. I have just afraid I can not work over here and I have to go home. I like so much work that’s the only one I’m afraid. When I’m not working I get sick, I get bad.

I feel happy

when I work. Working from 6am until 9am, 10pm. I like working with my clients always come back. I’m sick clientele. I like to talk and make the seams. That’s makes me happy. I for promotions, parties, marriages do everything myself.