Seunggyu Lee

My aim

is having a lot of diverse experiences. I am a ordinary university student in Korea. Like most of other Korean students, I have spent all the time to studying something. When I remember my past life, I can’t remember dynamic or happy events, just boring come to my mind. It had continued 3 years ago and I decided that when I have a time, I will go to traveling and do new one. From that time, I tried earn money and I can travel Korea (my country), Japan, Bangladesh, Malta, Italy and South America. I can be mature thanks to many experiences.

I don’t want to being a babe in the woods and captured by busy routine.

My best day

is now. Actually, I have studied all of my 25 years for having a good job. That’s why, I don’t have many experience such as travel and diverse activity. When I thought of my life, I always felt bored. However, now I can enjoy my life. I am traveling South America, making a diverse activities(there are a lot of thing experienced at first) and meeting many good friends of all of the world. I want to continue my best days.

My worst day

was my summer or winter vacation in my University. Because I spent all the time to lying on the bed and watching TV. That is my most regretful days. I always thought that ‘If I have met new people’ ‘If I have studied English conversation’ like this. That times is meaningless and makes me lazy.

I’m afraid of

disturbing my freedom. Most important thing in my life is freedom. Whenever I want do something, I should do that. However, 2 months later, I should work. It means my freedom is over. I should go to workplace every morning, spend all the day for working, I just have a few vacation a year. I am little bit nervous and I will missing this time (now)

I’m happy

to being with my friends. When I spend time with my friends, I am free of my worries and feel like a child. All the things looks fun and makes me humorous. These days, I also happy to meet new people(foreign people). Because I can learn different cultures and thoughts. At first, It was difficult to communicate by English, but now, I can enjoy that. (It doesn’t mean I am good at English…..)